Romano-British dig at Whirlow Hall Farm, Sheffield  


The dig will begin on June 20th 2016 for 3 weeks followed by various events.

My metalwork study began as a direct result of joining Time Travellers archaeology group based in Dore in 2011.

The Romano British site at Whirlow was being excavated for the first time in 2011, and some significant finds were made. New lottery funding has made another dig possible, from June 20th 2016 with activities relating to Whirlow and the dig continuing for 18 months or longer. To complement the archaeology, four members of Time Travellers began an ongoing study of  the Brigantes, the largest British Iron Age tribe which covered an area from South Yorkshire to the Scottish Borders, each of us exploring a different aspect of life from this time.

New methods of analysis are revealing so much more about this early history and finds are still being made, but piecing together the evidence requires time, training and funding. The North of Britain has never had quite the same attention as the South, which has possibly skewed some of the evidence. Methods of interpretation have also changed over the years, with much discussion and disagreement in the academic world about Celts.  Also Rome, however great its achievements, was always going to put its own spin on events! Our study is revealing how climate change and migration can affect society, themes that are still very relevant today.


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