Collage and a Celtic twist

13Collage has always been one of my favourite methods of working. It gives me plenty of scope to develop both fine detail and large scaled subjects. My intention since focusing on this field has always been to study design through the eyes of archaeology, but to rethink and interpret through the eyes of an artist. The collages are created on fine cotton canvas, and I work with Japanese Washi, natural Asian and modern papers, and some I prepare myself. Other materials such as pastels, acrylics, inks and watercolour may be used in a variety of techniques. They are carefully sealed.

I think of them without frames. They are light and are easy to hang, but metal plates can be added to the wood for extra security. Each has my personal stamp and comes with some information about the contents. These follow themes which focus on aspects of found artefacts from particular sites. My main interests are in Iron Age metals, but if the subject appeals then the work may be about other materials.6

The metamorphosis of metal ores using fire, water and air is very complex. The processes required to see a design through to finished object, always fascinate me.

The colours of metal ores, their chemical structure, location and ultimate form are all considered, and appear in my sketchbooks, but this is only the beginning and a great deal of study, museum visits, and travel take place. The combination of metals to make alloys, the chemical changes which take place when the object is found in the soil affect colours, shapes, textures, and conservation techniques can alter the picture yet again.

In this sense a collage is an ideal medium, but it is a subtle minefield to search for focal point, to select relevant subject matter and to put it into an appropriate context. This is when it really gets interesting!

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