This year I am opening my studio both weekends, 11am to 5pm
The dates to remember are:

Saturday 5th May
Sunday 6th May
Monday 7th (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 12th May
Sunday 13th May

You can find more information on the Open Studios website and now find me on Instagram @small_worlds_artist.

It is always good to see and chat with all my visitors, both new and returning.
2018 is rather special for us, as its been running very successfully in Sheffield and South Yorkshire for 20 years. Pick up a brochure, that is if you can find one! Or search the websites for artists information. It’s a great showcasing of creativity in our vibrant city. Please do search it out. You will be richly rewarded.

My journey unfolds through sketchbooks. My degree was in fine art, painting. I enjoyed working on large oils, printmaking etc but portability took on a new meaning when my husband and I took up 25’ small boat sea cruising.
My thrill and excitement come not through a camera lense, but paint, canvas, pens, papers, and small diverse materials often recycled.

Two dimension flows into three. My models called ‘Small finds’ and ‘Small Worlds’ are lightweight, portable, and suit my present lifestyle. This third dimension opens so many new viewing points, light possibilities, textures and materials.
They sum up, and excite me, as much as the initial visual experience, but I think of them as a development of ideas and connections about the present and future, especially of materials, and tools, over millenia.
They are not made as a craft copy of the original artwork, rather a maquet or small sculpture.

My interests also are also concerned with movement. Change within the natural world, geological and culturally. The transformation and transportation of small handmade items embracing people’s beliefs and comfort in life and afterlife.

This year my work is grouped into areas of interest.
There is information for some pieces, so please feel free to ask me about them.
The models are reasonably robust and may be handled very gently. The sketchbooks may be handled carefully but not rubbed.

Models and some art work is for sale.

The overall theme is Earth, Fire, Air and Water. All of significance to Sheffield and South Yorkshire. From Iron Age brooches, to crucibles, and the archaeology found at Whirlow in 2016. Icelandic lava flows to marine life. Journeys from Alaska to Japan.
I hope you enjoy your journey as well.

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