My renewed focus for 2019

My work this year explores materials, natural and manmade; their seductive beautiful qualities; how they decay, and some of the cultural, historical and geographical contexts. Much has changed in my lifetime and I have appreciated the benefits of new technologies, medical advances and travel opportunities; I welcome the new ideas these generate.

During my sailing years along British, French and Mediterranean coasts, I was very aware of environmental issues, particularly the impact of plastics and toxic waste. Plastic as containers and packaging are light and in so many ways a cheap and practical solution, but they also present a bigger problem. Distribution by air and water as microplastics is all too easy. Marketing thrives on rich colours and type. So seductive. So slow to decay, if at all.  Recent climate changes are highlighting the importance of much more awareness and collaboration if our fragile ecosystems are to be maintained.

I am hoping for some exciting conversations at my Open Studio this year. Before then I have several trips to London planned for more research.

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