Round-up of 2018

The last twelve months have flown by, my Open Studio in May was once again well attended with some fascinating conversations and also some sales.

In June I travelled to the Italian Alps to learn more about the Iron Age rock art at Valcamonica. This has been found all the way up the wide glaciated valley, the two main sites show schematic figures and animals, some which are believed to be maps. Our guide said the whole valley still contained much more waiting to be excavated. We then travelled to the Austrian border to see Otzithe well preserved natural mummy of a man who lived between 3400 and 3100 BC,he was found in the glacier by two climbers.  

After the long hot summer,which was wonderful but not very conducive to doing much work, I was ready for Naples in early September. What a wonderful crazy city it is, so unlike others I have visited over the years. Modern Naples for all its similarity to Rome, has a very earthy unique street life.

The trip was mainly to look at the historical sites around the Bay of Naples, where the rich Romans had their villas – I got to see the elegant museum in Naples and the exquisite mosaics from Pompeii, and to visit the remains of early Roman hot springs. What impressed me most were the layers of history from the Greeks and Etruscans which linked up with my trip in 2016.

Most of the autumn and early winter has been spent at leisure studying this rich collection of impressions.

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