Archive | April 2020


In April and May 2019 I enjoyed the usual opening of my studio, with Open Up Sheffield. This was followed by a fascinating trip to northern Spain to look at palaeolithic art in the Basque country. This region between the Cantabrian mountain range and the sea has some of the most spectacular caves. We visited about eight, including the famous Altamira facsimile which is very close to the original cave. It is now opened very occasionally to the public. Just by way of a contrast we also visited the Gulbenkian Centre for Modern Art, with its magnificent architecture and use of modern materials.

In early September my friend and I flew to Alderney in a six seater plane. It is the nearest island to the French coast in the Channel Islands. It has its own unique character, in part due to the wartime enemy occupation. The evidence for this is still integrated into the landscape, with bunkers now used for studying wildlife by the school children and visitors. Spectacular coastal walks and roaring tides provided us with small sketchbook material.

So it is now the roller coaster year 2020. I had already made the decision before the virus hit,  to move on after eleven years of opening my studio. 

My website may be going quiet for a while, but it’s business as usual in the studio.
I will be using Instagram under the name @small_worlds_artist to post photos of my latest small models, Brigantes, Celtic and materials work, and my years of sailing artwork.

.. there will be less text but with a very long storyline which I am endeavouring to photograph. It’s hard to believe I have done so much work over the years even though a lot has been weeded out! 

Do join me in the quiet isolation of a small yacht sailing around the Celtic Sea.

See some of the small table and wall models I make  searching for the history of materials. There is also the problem of recycling and concerns with our oceans.

There are many interconnected threads which make this study so interesting.

I will occasionally write up here as well.